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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day 9-Reeth to Richmond

Had a fun day today (day 9) walking with Liz and Nadia-two friends from Sheffield. Weather was kind-no rain-and after a good start we made the 11.5 miles to Richmond in about 5 hours.

Richmond is lovely. Enjoyed stocking up (toothpaste, travel wash) and finding the other two Hunger Games books to try and read before I finish! Loved the first-gripping and thought-provoking.

Had a Thai meal tonight at a restaurant that came recommended-really nice-and staying at the Buck-a pub.

'Best-foot-forward, blister-free' moments...
-good company with Nadia and Liz
-also bumping into at least three other groups of walkers who I've met along the way
-no rain
-getting into Richmond in good time
-supplies, Olympics, Thai food, Hunger Games, rest...

'Best-foot-forward, land-knee-deep-in-bog' moments...
-back quite painful today

Another good day! Amazed I've done 127 miles-only 73 to go.
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