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Monday, 9 July 2012

Test Walk to Hathersage

On Saturday I walked from my flat on the Western edge of Sheffield to Hathersage and back. I wanted to try out the weight of my Coast to Coast pack fully laden. Though I don't know the exact weight, it was heavy enough. After an hour or so of wiggling my aching shoulders into various positions, I found it fairly comfortable.

 (what's that blue thing growing out of my back...?)

The walk was eventful in other ways too. I saw a few dead animals, and the usual mix of walkers, runners and cyclists. Due to the heavy rain, the run-off from the Redmires Reservoirs was a deluge -

I was very grateful that the rain help off all day, making for an easy trek along the easy-to-see path:

On the way I discovered that running with the pack was easier than I expected. So I ran down some of the steeper bits off Stanage Edge. 

The journey from my home to Hathersage (about 10K/6-7 miles) took about 2 hours 20mins. After stopping for lunch, and a coffee and flapjack in the best cafe in Hathersage (Elliotts - see, I started the return journey.

I started back about 3pm, with an ETA back home of about 5.30pm. I was keen to get back earlier, so just before 4pm, once I got to Stanage Pole - about 5K from home, and the point at which the path starts its descent - I thought I'd try running again.

It was easier this time, and once I'd started I thought I'd continue, as I was making good ground. I managed to keep it up, and ran all the 5K to my flat, arriving back just after 4.30pm.

A good day!

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  1. Hi George. Thank you very much for your kind comments. We have now changed our name to Brooks Coffee Shop & Bistro ( Its still us, we just changed the name. We now do breakfasts from 8.30 till 10.30am on weekends and are open now for selected pop-up Bistro nights too. Hope to see you soon. Michelle Elliott. (Owner) Xx