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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 3-Borrowdale-Grasmere

Better day today. Pack hurt less and some moments of 'boost' on the legs. Also a shorter day-only 10 miles. First b and b at 'glenthorne'-a Quaker run establishment. Met some interesting people there-eg Pete from Newcastle. Also a group from Glossop who helped me find my way on top of Lining Crag.
First hot bath a big highlight, plus chance to dry things.

'Horray' moments...
-beautiful scenery
-mostly easy path
-using compass succesfully to navigate
-a shorter walk
-seeing sheep and sheepdogs
-arriving in Grasmere and getting a phone signal!
-overtaking people on the path!
-a piano, bath, drying room at b and b

'Boo Hoo' moments...
-realizing I didn't know where to go in the mist on top of Lining Crag (but had a happy ending-see above...)
-nearly running out of water (though I had over three litres)
-the length of walk down valley into Easedale (went on and on)

You-know-you're-tired-when moment...
-you get ready to shave by enthusiastically lathering your forehead...

40 miles down, 160 to go.
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