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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 2

Yesterday (Tuesday-Day 2) was hard. 16 miles, with lots of climb up. Felt the effects of two days with a heavy pack-sore shoulders, back, hips, feet...arrived at Borrowdale after 8 hours walking glad to have made it.

Good moments...
-arriving at Borrowdale
-finding my way on top of a beck in swirly mist
- dead ringers (political aide to GW Bush...'Sir, we've a problem with the numbers.' GW Bush to aide 'I know-i struggle to get past 6...')
-managing to charge BBerry
-good walk down Honister Pass; Coffee, Kendal Mint Cake and bottle of coke at Honister Slate Mine cafe!

Not-so-good moments...
-snoring in the YHA (not me...)
-battling the 'you're on the wrong path' thought in the mist
-one blister on foot, another on finger
-getting two boots full of water after wading puddles next to Ennerdale Water

30 miles down...
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