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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

More Photos from Uganda...

Here are some more photos from my first trip to Kampala in 2012! The city's skyline can be seen (top left) as well as an old taxi bus that lay abandoned next to the compound where I stayed (above).

The trip included other things other than teaching at KMS - a visit to the Rapids on Lake Victoria (left, with its lizards, below...), a lecture that I was asked to give at really short notice - on Bach Fugue at Makere University (e.g. photo below!)- and a concert in Namirembe Cathedral with its two manual organ (lower left).

My teaching was mainly done in the 'Fiona Carr Room' (left) - where the organ was kept. I was there to help Paul Luggya (pictured below with me at the KMS organ console) - who himself teaches lots of organ students at the School.

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