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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cringley Bottoms and Great Fryups...Bizarre Places on the C-2-C!

Wainwright's Coast to Coast walk features some weird and wonderful place names. Great Fryup Dale (near Glaisdale, Day 13) and Cringley Bottom (on way to Reeth, Day 8) are my two favourite, closely followed by the gloriously bizarre Pike of Carrs in the Lakes. But there are others...

- Robin Hood must have sponsored Wainwright on the first C2C crossing- not only does his Bay end the walk, but en route you go past his Chair (near Ennerdale, Day 2) and Grave (on way to Shap, Day 6).

- The walk includes traipsing over Frank's Bridge (Day 6), through Johnny Wood (Day 2) and past the Old Gang Smelting Mill (Day 8). Perhaps the Gang also control the Surrender Bridge (Day 8)??

- Some names apparently pay tribute to Coast-to-Coasters who were two laces short of a walking boot - Oddendale (Day 6), Healaugh (Day 8), and Crackpot Hall (on way to Reeth, Day 8).

- The Lake District wins the prize for the richest source of poetic and suggestive names:
Red Pike, Bleaberry Tarn, High Stile, Comb Crags, Hay Stacks, Innominate Tarn, Grey Knotts, Eagle Crag, Lining Crag, Calf CragMoment Crag, Gibson Knott, Great Tongue, Dollywaggon Pike, Nethermost Pike, The Cape, St Sunday, High Spying How (also Low Spying How)Angletarn Pike, Satura Crag, The Knott, Kidsty Pike, Kidsty Howes, Birks Crag, and of course the Monty Python-esque Pike of Carrs. 

- Names that could be incorporated happily into everyday sentences: East Grain, Ivelet Wood, Blades (all Day 8), Live Moor (Day 12), Flat Fell (Day 1), and the wonderfully named stumpy white landmark Fat Betty (Day 13).

- Then a host of other interesting names en route that are just worth listing: Moss Dub (near Ennerdale); Fleswick Bay, Sandwith, Dent Hill, Raven Crag, Nannycatch Beck and Nannycatch Gate (all Day 1); Hickbarley Forest, The Side (both Day 2); Burnbanks (Day 5); Sunbiggin Tarn and Orton Scar (Day 6), Cotterby Scar (Day 7); Bunton Hush Gully (Day 8); and Bleach Green Cottage (Day 2).

These are crying out for creative word plays...any takers??
(Fat Betty and Johnny Wood beaten up by Hay Stacks...; 
Robin Hood went to his Grave after he Flat Fell over Frank's Bridge...; 
Hea-laugh as he played 'Nannycatch' with St Sunday....)

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