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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day 7-Kirkby - Keld

Today perhaps the best day so far. Reached half way, and walked with some new friends I made- a Canadian family (Steve. Emily, H'yon). Lots of silly games and nice chat in mostly good weather. Enjoyed a cream coffee at Ravenscroft Farm and staying at a Farm tonight.

Downside- the first real blister tonight. I've been lucky to get away with only one so far, but the small one on my right foot is remarkably painful for something so small!

Today marks half way-into the second 100 miles and second week. The first of both have gone quickly. Roll on Robin Hood's Bay...

'George-this-is-your-life' moments...
-company of my Canadian friends
-Cream coffee
-mostly good weather
-arriving at b and b at 4.30pm-nice and early

'George-you-are-the-weakest-link moments...
-blisteringly painful blister!
-wet gear that won't dry

One more week to go!
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