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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Day 0...

Finished packing jobs at about 1am...awake now at 5.48am...must be Day 0! Leave for Whitehaven at 1110. Grateful to my friends Chris and Sandy who are giving me a lift to the station, and Martin who's meeting me for a coffee before the train leaves.

I may be mad, but I've decided to pack my running gear-i'll hang my trainers off my pack!-as I anticipate missing the occasional sprint. It seems to exercise different muscles than walking/cycling-muscles that complain after a few days of inactivity. I always feel better after even a short jog and it may actually help me walk the distances these next two weeks. But I may be wrong and need to mail the kit back to Sheffield...we'll see!

One disappointment in last-minute packing was small but annoying-i couldn't fit all the music bits onto my Blackberry-the media card is too small! A few things I'd hoped to listen to didn't make it-Just a Minute, some Lloyd-Jones sermons, some Cds of Nat Tasker, and most of my classical selections-but it means that what I did get to transfer I'm more likely to listen to instead of picking and choosing. Plus there's always the radio-reception permitting.

Time for a cup of tea! Roll on half 10...

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