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Thursday, 12 July 2012

My Motivation...

No one has asked me why I'm doing it....!

Well, that's probably not surprising - I'm raising money for Uganda, and that's been clear from the start. But there's a deeper motivation for 'walking the Coast to Coast for KMS' that I want to share.

The danger of earnestly doing something 'for charity' is surely the pride - either personally felt or perhaps sometimes assumed by those looking on - that can cancel out the apparent selflessness of the charitable act. It is all too easy when outwardly being selfless to be inwardly harbouring selfish ambition in the name of kindness.

I am prone to that selfish ambition, so I want to own up straight away! I am thrilled that people have donated so much to my Ugandan cause, and glad that I can 'do something'; but at the same time I know there is a certain inward smugness that I can feel. 'Look what I'm doing...!'  Which is why it's important for me to share a deeper motivation; to shine the spotlight off of me lest anyone mistakenly think too highly of me... 

The deeper truth is that I am motivated by a love for Jesus Christ.

I am a Christian believer - and as such I have come to see not only that I am fallen and broken, but have been loved and served by God in the Person of Jesus Christ. He gave up His life for me - to rescue me from a death that I deserve but cannot escape - and it is my joy to call Him 'Lord' - to be owned by Him and, often in weakness, look to serve Him.

When I went to Uganda in 2009 I was moved by the poverty I experienced; it gave a deeper meaning to one of my favourite Bible passages, Philippians chapter 2, which explains that though Jesus is God, He humbled himself - first by becoming a man, then by dying on the Cross. He became poor that I might become rich...and If He humbled Himself for me, I desired to respond by becoming humble for Him. 

That desire took me to Uganda in 2009 and 2010, and it is a thread that runs through to this C2C project.

So - there is selfish ambition! Hopefully in owning I can drain it of its power. 
But there is also something else - an honest desire in me to honour Jesus Christ Who has given Himself for me. 

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