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Friday, 27 July 2012

Day 4-Grasmere to Patterdale

Today an easier mileage-only 7.5. But still a killer with 400 meters ascent up to the top of Great Tongue, followed by another 400 meters descending to Patterdale. But the scenery has been the best of all the days-especially coming down Grisedale Valley into Patterdale-where I'm camping tonight.

Tired legs today but the pack has been lighter-i took the opportunity to send back three big packets of books, maps, clothes and electrical gear that I either don't need now, or I haven't used and don't think I will. I've still a lot to learn about living simply and packing light! I also brought two new pairs of socks (all of mine are damp, even after repeated spells in drying rooms) and a camelbak in Grasmere-the latter a real help today.

Tired legs and a still moody pack felled me on one occasion-i fell descending some wet stones on the way down Grisedale valley; but-not only were there a group of walkers (who'd just passed me going the other way) to help-Yahweh's providence!-but I wasn't hurt bad. I whacked my shin but just bruised it a bit. It's been a little achy since...

47.5 miles to go. A big day tomorrow-a walk that will take me well out of the Lakes.

'Yes' moments...
- beauty of the Lakes
- shorter mileage
- new socks and camelbak
- help from people along the way
- reading enjoyed today-Psalm 1 commentary by dale ralph davies, and The Hunger Games

'Nooo' moments...
-falling over
-tired legs that wouldn't respond properly all day
-camping tonite on a slope-i'm rolling down to the left...
-rain, and wet socks (waddling quickly in flip-flops from the pub tonite to rescue gear strung up to dry as it started to rain).
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