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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Day 10-Richmond - Danby Wiske

A nice, easy day today. Rain threatened but didn't materialize. Legs and feet all felt fine and, though painful when I started out, my back was ok too.

Danby is 14 miles from Richmond-according to my guide. Staying in a nice b and b - booked late after my tent broke (should have been camping tonight). I have the whole place to myself!

Enjoyed my mobile entertainment today in absence of walking partners-soundtrack of 'Dead Ringers', Haydn's Creation, Respighi, and Snow Patrol...also racing through 'Catching Fire'-the second Hunger Games book.

'Cracking Toast, Gromit!' moments
-good weather
-soundtrack to the day (sung my way through a live Worship album-glad no-one could here me...)
-arriving in Danby Wiske at half 2 again-my average speed has gone up to about 3mph-as my pack weight has gone down...
-coffee, coke, flapjack at the pub on arrival

'It's the wrong trousers, Gromit!' moments...
-about 4 miles on roads-tiring...
-started with sore back
-got a bit lost coming out of Brompton-on-Swale ('it's the wrong road, Gromit!')
-didn't see any other walkers today

Encouraged by Psalm 5 this morning-'Lead me Lord in your righteousness, make my paths straight.'

141 miles done-59 to go!
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