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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 13-Clay Bank Top- Glaisedale

Something of my own 'Super Saturday' today-a day of pbs in my own Olympic endeavour (tho thanfully I only need to walk - no swimming, fencing or high jump needed today :) ).

It was a 19 mile day, and after saying goodbye to my companions from yesterday, I wanted to make the most of flatter terrain. Here's my timetable:
-9.06am start walking
-11.20am arrive at the Lion Inn (8 miles)
-11.46am leave Lion
-2.36pm arrive in Glaisedale (19 miles)

About 5 hours for my 19 miles. I overtook a few people on the way, two of whom (Joe and Sam) are staying in my b and b. I ate with them - nice to make more friends.

Lovely weather today-and clouds making funny shapes...sure I saw the following:
-balloon animals
-a big tank firing a round
-an anvil
-a man in a bedsheet pretending to be a ghost
-an inflatable duck

Otherwise enjoyed watching the real Olympics-amazing! Loved seeing Mo Farrah win the 10,000.

Woo Hoo moments
-good speeds
-meeting Joe and Sam
-amazing weather-sunnys on all day

Boo Hoo moments
-last few miles painful

'I'm-a-crazy-musician-better-get-me-out-of-here' moments
-singing my way through a live worship cd (twice)
-conducting my way through Stravinsky's Symphony in Three Movements and Orff's Carmina Burana...glad no-one saw me but it got me through the tough bits!

Bizzare-c2c-names moments...
-Great Fryup Dale
-Fat Betty

A good day!

187 miles done...
19 to go!
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