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Friday, 3 August 2012

Day 12-Osmotherley-Clay Bank Top/Great Broughton

Today has been tough-emotionally, mentally, physically.

Teamed up with a group of 4 from Glossop (5 including Stanley the dog-really loveable). All fine, though we all got lost big-time, coming down the Cleveland Way. Between us we lost the signage, misread the map and wrongly identified surrounding landmarks. Resulted in a wasted 2k at least climbing up onto a ridge, then bashing our way through bracken and bogs to try and find a path, only to descend sharply down a really steep hill to a barbed wire fence below. Partly depending on size, and partly on age we all either shimmied under or clambered carefully over said fence (I got under it), and quickly hustled out of the field before we were spotted...only to end up where we first lost the path and try again...

Eventually we worked it out, and got on track again. Following this was lots of tiring climbs up and down the moors, knees and legs stiffening up more painfully with each successive valley.

A stage whose relatively short mileage belies its difficulty.

Also absent-mindedly lost one of my first-aid kits today, as well and my trusty stick-the latter picked up in the Lakes. Oh well-someone else will get to use it.

B and b tonight-really nice and v welcome. More Olympics and Hunger Games...then sleep.

'Oh-look-we're-50 miles-further-east-than-we-thought; how-did-we-do-that? moments...
-being welcomed by my other walkers, especially by Stanley the dog
-food, rest, solitude, warmth, Olympics tonight
-seeing the North Sea for the first time! It looked really close and I could see a ship :)

'Oh-look-we're-back-at-St-Bees; how-did-we-do-that? moments
-getting lost
-relentless ups and downs
-legs and knees murmuring 'no!'; the murmuring gets louder...
-first-aid kit and stick being left behind by their doddery owner

165.5 miles eaten
38.5 still to devour...

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